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I’m teacher Alda, and I’ve been teaching for the past 16 years. I’ve taught in the Elementary, High School and College, handling almost all subjects. Since last year, I’m also an ESL teacher.

I have a degree in Juris Doctor or Law; units in Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision; a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in History; and training in Speedmath.

As a teacher, I strive to give quality, fun, exciting and relevant teaching to my students. Through the years, I’ve been voted as the Most Valuable Teacher, Excellent Teacher and Best Teacher in all the schools I’ve taught.
So, see you in my class and let’s have fun learning! Thank you.
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Hello, my name is Teacher Amor.
I took up Tourism when I was in college. However, I found passion in teaching English. Well, I find it more interesting, challenging and fun. 
I have acquired my TESOL certificate and I’ve taught English for almost a year. My students come from different countries, and from different levels from beginners to advance levels. My teaching style depends according to the level and goal of my students. But one thing is constant, I always give my 100% in each class. I always make sure that my students feel comfortable and relaxed in my class. I always find ways to become creative all the time.
And I guess that is all I can say about myself.
I hope to see you again next time.
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My name is Teacher Ash, I'm from Baguio City
I studied Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication major in Journalism. I have been teaching English for a year now at API BECI International Academy in Green Valley. Most of my students are Japanese, Chinese,  Vietnamese and Koreans.
I am very passionate towards teaching as well as learning. I believe that teaching ESL is not only the transfer of information to students, but imparting something relevant to them especially if they are going to work, travel or study abroad.
I also find it interesting to meet diverse students of different nationalities, personalities and cultural background. In addition to that, I also attended several trainings in teaching English to young learners.
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Hi, I'm Teacher Azral
A licensed teacher of BS education major in English.
I have been teaching English for more than two years now. I gain experience in teaching English that is applicable to different kinds of students.
I am very passionate in what I do. In my class I love making arguments with my students because I believe, this will help them improve their critical and creative thinking.

Furthermore, I have experience in teaching pronunciation, speaking, listening, and vocabulary to junior and adult students. That is why I believe, I can help you out in learning English every step of the way. So, let's practice what you have already known and add something each day.

I hope to see you in my class!
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Hi there! I’m Teacher Bea and I've been teaching Science for a few years now to senior high school students. I'll make sure that our class will be fun and at the same time, you can learn something memorable from me.

I'm excited to be your teacher, so join my class now.
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I've been teaching English to different nationalities for many years now man to man and online class and I came across people with different culture and become familiar with them.

I love teaching because I find a set of satisfaction. I know that learning English language is not easy. It could be full of struggles and you need a lot of practice but you have nothing to worry about. I will be with you every step of the way at your own pace.

English is a very interesting and useful language and I hope that having class with me can help you understand and speak this language with ease.
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